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Fairhill Medical Practice, 81 Kingston Hill, Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT2 7PX, UK

The Practice in Kingston Hill

I am based at Fairhill Medical Practice, 81 Kingston Hill, KT2 7PX and offer appointments on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This GP surgery is opposite Kingston Hospital and there is on-site car parking. My specialised area is golf-related injuries but I also have several years' experience treating musculoskeletal symptoms in the general population. Certain conditions such as low back pain and shoulder pain occur in golfers and non-golfers alike though the causal factors are usually different. Along with the treatment of sports injuries, my other area of interest is the postural and ergonomic impact on symptoms: this is particularly relevant in sedentary workers who spend several hours a day sitting in front of a computer. Chronic, or persistent back pain is another area of interest of mine: this is currently a topic of much interest in manual therapy and I have attended courses presenting the most up-to-date information and advice on the subject.

What to expect during an appointment:

During the initial consultation I will take a detailed case history asking you questions about your particular symptoms along with questions about any other potentially relevant information, such as your medical history. Then I will carry out a physical assessment of your symptoms, at which point I should be able to explain to you what has occurred and how treatment can help. Treatment usually consists of massage work to loosen out any tight muscles then mobilising or sometimes manipulating any relevant joints which may be contributing to your symptoms. It is usual to feel a bit sore for up to 48 hours after treatment and I can advise you on how to manage this normal reaction to treatment. Once your symptoms start to improve (usually after the first treatment) I will then advise you on self-help measures which may help to prevent the symptoms reoccurring.